26 May 2008

As a Chinese, I've always wanted to get to know more about the culture of the Chinese that live in different part of the world. Since I was around NY, I've planned to go to the Chinatown located at the south of Manhattan. The so-called Chinatown is actually an area surrounding the Canal Road where many Chinese do their trading business on.

Information booth providing maps, information and etc.

A shop selling Wushu/KungFu stuffs such as sword, Bruce Lee's movies, t-shirts and many more.

The Original Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory which is a stall that sells tropical fruits based ice-cream. I had a lychee sorbet. Emmmmmm...... delicious..

Suprise! I found a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown serving Malaysian cuisine. I was missing nasi (Rice) so much, and I had the nasi lemak (Coconut Rice) there. The taste was quite similar to the one back home but it was not that spicy.

Nearby there is a neighborhood, Little Italy where there are many Italian restaurants and shops.

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