This is my newly acquired Fender Telecaster electric guitar. I have bought it in one of the Guitar Center branch in New York. It was a sale day and I've got it with $638.99 with a hard case $59.99, and another guitar stand $14.99.

Here is the specifications and user reviews on this guitar.

I chose this model because I like the Satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish which will give a vintage look after few years on the road. Sound wise, it is a bit hotter than the standard series but still giving a crisp and clean tone. In terms of craftsmanship, I feel it is a little bit better compare to the standard series especially on the neck construction.

When I brought it back from the USA, at first, I managed to carry it into the plane and put it nicely on the overhead compartment. The airline was Cathay Pacific and it was boarding from New York to Hong Kong for transit to Malaysia. However, when I boarded to the Malaysia Airlines during transit from Hong Kong to Malaysia, I was not able to put the guitar into the overhead compartment!!! I was so disappointing and at no other choices, they brought it to the luggage area and checked it in :(

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  1. Ervin Ter // 3:46 PM  

    Is that mean Cathay Pacific service is better than MAS?

    Nice guitar.... you must be music geek.

  2. Evan // 4:49 PM  

    Hahaha in this case, I think maybe because Cathay has more new and bigger aircraft

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