Wondering how peoples can make lots of money by just selling their photos online? Come and explore the money making opportunities by selling stock photos. Don't let your photos sit in your computer and collecting dusts, make them work for you!

What is stock photos?
Stock photo is basically images that can be sold without paying expensive loyalty to an individual or company for its copyright. It is usually used for magazine, event and news publishers. Photographers/Designers makes money by uploading their photos to the stock agencies. The stock agencies will publish your photos online for potential sales. When buyers selected your photos, you will get paid by sharing certain percentage of the income earned by the stock agency.

Recommended Sites
There are many micro stock sites, some better. Since most contracts are not exclusive, I recommend using several micro stock agencies in parallel. Here are some recommended sites

Shutter Stock
- This is the leading micro stock agency today. I have earned the most using this site. Shutterstock’s business model allows a customer to make a subscription and during the subscription period the customer can download 25 pictures a day. This model encourages downloads, and indeed you will get allot of downloads. The photographers earn 25c per download, and additional 5c if the customer also requested to burn the image on a CD. There are also broader uses licenses that the client can buy for additional payment. The site is very friendly. It has an FTP upload option and pictures are approved within a day or two.

Dreams Time
- This is a less known site, but still very popular with the clients,
and gets great sells. The basic price per image is 1$ (or 2$ for full
resolution) out of which the photographer gets 50%.
The site is very friendly. It has an FTP upload option and pictures are usually approved within a three days.

- Fotolia is a rising star in the field of stock photography. They
usually pay more then 50% of the commission to the photographer, and
allow you to set your own price. They are one of the fastest to approve
photographs. Another nice thing is the way you can get your money. They
will allow you to make a paypal cashout once you've hit the 2 dollar

- 123rf is a relatively new agency which is doing well. They are still small, so if you are good standing out is easy. They pay 50% of each sale to the photographer - nice. Another nice feature is email notification once your images has been approved or rejected.

- Istock Photo is another big micro stock agency. They pay something between 20% to 40%, but the image is sold for 1-12 dollars so there is a chance of a nice payoff. Also as a photographer progresses, he/she gets more % out of every sale.

My ShutterStock portfolio

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